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The Horror House

The Horror House
The game was made like a Hitchcockian horror movie.
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The Horror House

The Horror House game info

The game was made like a Hitchcockian horror movie. Every room hides some scary story which reveals itself slowly through random details which begin to make sense. In every room a single tragic death had occurred. Your job is to discover what had happened in each room and in the end to escape the house before you become a part of one of its stories. A very interesting concept.

How to Play

The game is horror point and click escape adventure. Once you are inside one of the rooms there is no getting out until you resolve the puzzle. That is when you can move to the next room. There are dining room, then bathroom, kitchen, living room and at the end there is the corridor which leads to the exit. Everything is in black and white, except for the letters which are in blood red color.

The Dining Room

Framed picture of a family looks like it was drawn by a child. The glass will brake at one point and focus will fall on the boy in the middle. Morbid pictures of headless boy, an apparition, basketball... take turns appearing.

The Bathroom

While you click on various objects, the pieces of the puzzle start to come together. Mom is very sick, but there is a vile filled with poison. You find a letter where she promises to her children never to leave them. There is a storm outside. A silhouette of a woman appears on the window and then she disappears. When you flush the toilet, you hear the sound of water and the bathtub starts to fill with blood. Blood is spilling over the edge of the tub and all over the bathroom floor and instead of the message the woman wrote to her children only a blank paper remains.

The Kitchen

Once I saw the flies flying around kitchen and a doll hanging on the rope, and water dripping from the faucet in the background, I wanted to solve this level as fast as possible. The calendar shows March 5th when the hospital treatment is scheduled. The victim in this story is a girl named Maria Julie, and you will find out what had happened to her.

The Living Room

Living room is really an attic. Now, it is in a very bad shape. There is a picture of the father and some kind of a radio. After several mouse clicks, a letter and a gun will appear.

The Corridor

This is the last room. First you have to turn the light on - the switch is on the right. The ghost sounds help the creepy atmosphere. There is yet another letter on the floor revealing that all the deaths in the house are not random. After several clicks, some kind of apparition will pass the hallway and from all sockets blood will start flowing. There is a very scary jumpscare waiting for you at the end.


the horror house kitchen the horror house living room the horror house screenshot the horror house screenshot

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