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Exciting Woods House

Exciting Woods House
In Exciting Woods House you are locked in a three bedroom house and you're trying to send a call for help hoping that somebody will come and rescue you.
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Exciting Woods House

Exciting Woods House game info

In Exciting Woods House you are locked in a three bedroom house and you're trying to send a call for help hoping that somebody will come and rescue you. The door is locked and only one room has a window which is unfortunately barred. You must find a way to send some kind of a note outside the house and hope that it is found by someone and that they will come to release you. The solution is a paper kite. You will write the message 'Help Me' on it, and let it fly out of the window. However that is not an easy job. Kite, rope and pen are hidden somewhere in the house, and you will have to put some effort in the search. There are tasks ahead of you like safe opening, collecting of peculiar and hidden objects, finding out what they do and where they fit in various puzzles as well as solving some riddles and brain teasers. This is relatively easy and small room escape game made in march 2014. My personal objection is that some objects are nor clearly defined and you are not sure what they represent, like so called 'tattoo'. Basically that is nothing new and often escape games use those generic shapes, which are being collected in an inventory and later on placed in their molds, and they do not represent any particular object themselves. That is similar to shapes used in intelligence tests. I personally prefer games where used items fit the context of the story. Down below you can find a text walktrough, but also YouTube video, which in my experience always more clearly describes steps on how to solve a problem.

Exciting Woods House Walkthrough

  • Step one is collecting certain elements: two 'tattoos', one from the arched wall in the upper left corner, and second from the wall in the front surrounded with some square ornaments.
  • Then you should pick up a white circle, which is placed in the hanging wooden cage. Second square white object is hidden in the wooden box shaped like mushroom, on the floor.
  • In the next room there is another 'tattoo' object, hidden behind the box.
  • Numbers on the cube are '3','6' and '5' and that is the safe combination which is in the second room where another 'tattoo' object is hidden.
  • On the wall in the second room there is a simple mathematical task. The solution to it is 91, 8, 76, and those are the numbers you should enter as the combination to the wall safe in the first room. It is placed next to the entry door. That is how you get the purple kite.
  • 4 'tattoos' need to be placed on the provided spots on the box on the floor. Get the white cross from the box.
  • White cross, circle and square you have collected so far, should be placed on their designated spots on the roof of the house from the first room. The drawer will open and you take the hammer.
  • Go to the third room and take the key from the safe. The combination is 6,4,6,2.
  • The key opens the wooden cabinet in second room. Inside the cabinet you should click several times on the picture of fish, it will change shape then and secret door will open and you will take the rope for your kite.
  • Connect kite and rope, find pen in the desk drawer in the first room and write ' Help Me!' on the paper kite.
  • Use the hammer to brake the window in the first room and fly the kite trough the bars.
  • Obviously somebody had instantly read the message because the door opens and you are free to go!
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      Exiting Woods Room 1 Exiting Woods Room 2 Exiting Woods Kite Exiting Woods Kite Help Me Message

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    KatieMotionless (18) - 2015-03-16, 17:29
    It won't let me get the kite x.x

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