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Alaska Survival Escape - Day 3

Alaska Survival Escape - Day 3
Have you ever been to Alaska?
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Alaska Survival Escape - Day 3

Alaska Survival Escape - Day 3 game info

Have you ever been to Alaska? Well, neither have I, but I've seen many pictures online. It's a beautiful country, with high mountains and crystal clear lakes. The only problem is that if you ever get lost, especially during winter season, it could get very nasty for you. The beautiful nature turns against you instantly. In order to survive you must get a grip and use your brain, exactly what this game is trying to teach you. If you're gonna play Bear Grylls and stay alive for 3 days in those mountains, you must pass the drill from this game fist.


You and your best buddy came there by plane for deer hunting. Unfortunately winter storm caused a crash landing, leaving you fighting to survive in some deserted cave, deep in the mountains. You've made it through the night, but now it's time to move on and find the exit from this situation.

Alaska Survival Day 3: The Cave

So how to play Alaska Survival Escape Game Day 3? What's it about?

First, we know it's a great game, because it's made by Selfdefiant, a guy who works for Melting Mindz, and they rarely make bad games. This one is pretty good, at least according to what I've read from user comments on other portals. Navigation should be easy for you. The usual way, typical for selfdefiant's games is to click on the green bars in order to change rooms. One bar means you can only go into the next room.

Alaska Survival Day 3: Make the sled to get down the mountains

First you should check your backpack. A lot of useful stuff you can find there, like axe, shovel, first aid kit, a whole tent.. If you pick an axe you could drill a hole in the ice, and than you should find a sharp stick and use it to catch some fish for food. You always share food with your buddy Bill, although we won't actually see him there. Eating food increases your energy and gives you more chances of survival. There are special bars in the lower part of the screen, which keep track of your energy and health condition. Don't let them ever get to 0.

I won't go further into details, but the next step would be to make a wooden sled so you could go down the mountain. Than your task is to set up a tent, find some berries to eat and make a fire. When you get all this prepared for your overnight stay, and once you step inside the tent, the day 3 is over, and you won. Congratulations, you have survived another day in wilderness.

I will get back soon with the next sequel, so you can check if you can make it for 4 days in Alaska.

Complete walkthrough of the Alaskan Escape Day 3, made by Selfdefiant

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