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The Hood - Part 1: Little Red Riding Witch

The Hood - Part 1: Little Red Riding Witch

You know how it was back in the 15th century.

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The Hood - Part 1: Little Red Riding Witch

The Hood - Part 1: Little Red Riding Witch game info

You know how it was back in the 15th century. The primitive rural crowd, highly influenced by the church, ignorance and fear driven, accused many innocent women for witchcraft. The penalty, after short trial, was always death. Allegedly during that period, more than 100000 women were brutally tortured and than burned alive at the stake.

The Hood Episode brings up these events from the past by wrapping them up into a fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. A girl named Cameron is being accused for witchcraft. The villagers hire Mr Wolf and instruct him to hunt down the girl and bring her home so they can put her on trial. Mr Wolf is very cautious and he doesn't want to jump into conclusions. Instead he starts very detailed investigation, speaking to the random villagers, searching for clues about the girl. Whether she is really a witch, he's yet to find out.

The Hood game series consists of only two episodes, and this is the first one. The author Hyptosis never managed to finish the series, although they made another series (Alice is Dead) which is basically a continuation of the Hood. Anyway, this is classic point and click game, not exactly an 'escape' game, but still very interesting. What makes the play so good is recognizable graphic style, excellent drawing art and even better music.

The Hood: Episode 1 (walkthrough)

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