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The Earl Octopusor

The Earl Octopusor
Miss Libellule takes on a giant octopus in new Jo99's escape adventure.
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The Earl Octopusor

The Earl Octopusor game info

Miss Libellule takes on a giant octopus in new Jo99's escape adventure.

After 'Humanoid 47' and 'The Queen Of Snakes', the French developer of escape games Jo99, comes out with another point and click colourful brain teaser about Miss Libellule's adventures. In recognizable style, with colourful hypnotic pictures which remind of Pablo Picasso's work, we present the new game called 'The Earl Octopusor'.

The story of Earl Oktopusor

This is a sea story about the sunken 'Little Titanic' and the unbelievable treasure that he carried. On a sunny afternoon, while the captain courted a mermaid, thick black clouds start to appear. A huge octopus emerges from the water and sinks the ship along with the captain, taking it down with all its treasures. However, at the very last moment, captain manages to write an sos message and to put it on a letter carrier bird. That letter came into the hands of Miss Libellule, who then gathers a team of adventurous and now the treasure hunt is ready to begin.

Animated escape game

Unlike most escape games characterized by minimalistic graphics, here we have a large file of 32 MB. That is why it takes some time for the game to load. However, because of some incredible animations, it is worth a wait. Unlike the previous games, Jo99 here introduces an 'easy' mode, which makes the spotting of interactive objects substantially easier. The biggest downside until now was too many details, which made the finding of objects very difficult. Now, cursor automatically becomes highlighted when you come across certain objects.


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The Earl Octopusor: Logo The Earl Octopusor: Screenshot The Earl Octopusor: Screenshot 2 The Earl Octopusor: Find Treasure


Going through all the steps would be unnecessarily exhausting. Mostly, a majority of objects you collect are either some maritime tools or have something to do with sea. Fishing net, captains hat, a slice of kiwi etc. There is also an unavoidable puzzle solving, like those with the mermaid on it. Solutions then lead to new secrets and unexplored rooms. Some parts are completely animated, like when Miss Libellule uses a chain to capture a shark and rides it. At the end we will find out that the captain is alive and well. He is enjoying his drink and once he gets delivered, he takes his mermaid into his arms and leaves happy. He has no interest in treasure whatsoever. Miss Libellule takes the biggest diamond into her hands and runs away with the help of mermaids away from the sleeping Earl. All in all, this a story with the happy ending.

The Earl Octopusor Walkthrough

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