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Sniffmouse Baby Search

Sniffmouse Baby Search
Babysitting can be quite stressful, but imagine the horror if you lose a baby inside your own house?
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Sniffmouse Baby Search

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Sniffmouse Baby Search game info

Babysitting can be quite stressful, but imagine the horror if you lose a baby inside your own house? Sniffmouse set up exactly that "what if" question by making a '3 in 1' style game, because not only that you have to find the baby, and than to soothe it with a pacifier, but you also have to find the key and unlock the entrance door. This game belongs to the "Real World Escape" serial, registered by number 73. Mommy wants you to find her baby, and get her the lipstick, which is odd. Maybe you're baby's older brother who were playing hide and seek or something, and now you can't remember where did you put the baby. image of laying on the bed (game screenshot)

The game is well-though and puzzles are not too hard where one solution leads to another. Hidden places very often hide more than just one thing, while the sniffmouse symbol is almost inevitable (typical for all their games). Beside the search for baby, you must keep collecting sniffmouse symbols, because it takes all 12 to get out. Each time you find one, the counter from the lower right corner decreases, until it gets down to 0. The only thing I don't get is why does mommy blames you for the kid's disappearance? And she wants her lipstick? Something is just not right about the whole situation :)

image of baby in the cradle (game screenshot)

Spoiler, How to play?

One of the first things that you need do is to collect all 4 darts and place each one on it's designated spot that looks like target. When you finally find the baby hiding in the closet and place it inside the cradle, you must give it a pacifier to make it stop crying. Mother should get a red lipstick too. The last step is to complete the text puzzle written on the wall above the door. As soon as you do that, the door gets unlocked and you're free to go...

Sniffmouse Real World Escape 73 Lost Baby Walkthrough

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