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Weird short but interesting Japanese escape game by the author called Sneedle.
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This developer or whoever does not allow uploading, hot-linking, embedding or iframing of his content. Therefore I cannot add their games since I do not want just to link to their games anymore, but if you wish you can check this particular game here. Also please scroll down to check my description/walkthrough about rr2. Or, you can simply skip this one and pick any other escape game to play.

RRU 2 game info

Weird short but interesting Japanese escape game by the author called Sneedle. It will take you on the quest for the key which opens the secret door of this isolated room. What can I say more besides that for finding that key sometimes a well prepared stake and some music from gramophone can be quite sufficient. You will have to find out the rest on your own.

It is played with mouse only. You click your way from room to room, and collect items in the 'item box'. If you want to know more about the object, click on it while it is in the item box and then click the 'about item' button. If you want to use the item, select it first and then click on the spot you want to place it and use it.

rru meat stake & music

What is it about? (spoiler alert!!!)

Room can be seen from 4 different angles. Pay attention to the window. There is a girl there holding a star with number 4 on it. Gramophone and speaker are connected through cable but you have to crawl under the bed and plug it in. Mysterious girl with a hat in the picture above the bed hides a secret in her eye. There you will find a boy holding number '1' in his hands. Number '2' is hidden in the kitchen inside the owen. Knife is probably the first item you will collect in your item box. Make sure you look in the mirror which is in the corner of the room. In its reflection you can clearly see the boy holding another number in his hands - it is number '3'. Inside the wardrobe is nothing else besides blue umbrella. Use it to pull the ring hanging from the ceiling. It will reveal the safe in the wall. Besides numbers 1,2,3,4 you have to arrange a star, square, circle and triangle. But what goes where? If you have remembered the shape of the panel where boys and girls held their numbers then you have the answer. If not, you must go back and take another look. Every detail counts. See video walktrough below if you need any more help. lady in a black hat

Player comments

The game is somewhat weird, small but interesting. Hm, the door is placed inside the wardrobe - what is odd about that... it is typical for Japanese escape games.

Why RRU 2?

Why is this game called RRU 2? Because this is the sequel of the game RRU. :) Kidding aside, the author is 'Sneedle' who makes games for Japanese portal No1Game. He is known for his 'Reisen series', numbering 10 episodes and dating from 2012. And why RRU - I really have no idea. If anyone knows please leave your comment below.

Sneedle's R.r.u 2 Walkthrough


rru 2: the room view rru 2: shapes & numbers

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