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Room With Windows

Room With Windows
Escape the Room with Windows is another Japanese game from Yomino Kagura's RoomRoom blog.
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Room With Windows

Room With Windows game info

Escape the Room with Windows is another Japanese game from Yomino Kagura's RoomRoom blog.

In case you prefer playing this game in the original blog I won't stop you. Direct link is right here ( The minor thing that would keep you off the blog is that it's entirely in Japanese. So unless you plan on using Google translate I suggest you stay around and play it on

You won't find any spoilers on roomroom's blog, so I took a peek in youtube's videos, searched for walkthroughs and collected user experiences and comments about the game.

Room With Windows: picture with an arrow

How to play?

A classical point and click escape game. Filled with logic puzzles, locked drawers and hidden keys. You will find several keys before you find the last one and use it to unlock the exit door and finish the game. So, nothing spectacular or revolutionary. However, this game appeals to many players because its logic puzzles are very good, not too hard but hard enough to make you think.

Room With Windows: color coded cabinet

Here's a neat YouTube video on how to escape this one:


One of the first things which catches your eye is the painting with an arrow on it hanging on the wall. The positions of red dots are a code for the switch, which is positioned on the right side of the entry door (up, 2x down, up, down, up). When the light is out, it is very important you remember the number of stars in each color, which are glowing in the dark. So, we have 1 blue, 2 red and 3 yellow ones. That is the code for white cupboard which is placed under the picture with an arrow. The numbers 1323122 mark the order you should press the colored buttons: blue, yellow, red, yellow, blue and 2x red. That is how you find the pliers. Beneath the blue couch you will find one of the keys. It opens another cupboard and there you find a SD. The rest of the story you can try and solve on your own and if not, you can always consult the video walktrough.

User comments about this game

Many users admit that it is very hard to finish this game on your own, without any 'peeking' into the walktrough video. People usually get stuck with the SD not knowing how to use it. Where to use the SD? Musical note box clue is also a mystery for many. I encourage people to leave their comments below in case they're stuck somewhere or to report game bugs if they find any. Generally, most of the players were quite happy with the game giving it a score 4/5. Most of the comments you could hear about it were 'lovely' and 'great' game. What's your opinion?

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    scary_kid (236) - 2016-06-06, 20:26
    uhmm, I really don't understand japanese :D idk how to start this game :D

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