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Renovation Apartment Escape

Renovation Apartment Escape
Why would anyone want to escape from the apartment that just got renovated?
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Renovation Apartment Escape

Renovation Apartment Escape game info

Why would anyone want to escape from the apartment that just got renovated? Maybe the new owner didn't like the furniture in renovation apartment, or the parquet floor was too shiny. Or, maybe the poor guy came to visit the house for a work in progress inspection, when he got locked inside accidentally by the workers who went out for a break. Who knows what might just have happened. image of renovation apartment: 1st floor

Nothing new

On the other hand, escape games are being 'manufactured' on a daily basis, so this mass productions makes extremely hard for developers to come up with new and original titles. We've all seen dozens of escapes from basements, old houses, attics, even bathrooms, new luxury houses and fancy apartments. Now, it's time to escape from a freshly refurnished and redecorated house. Why not.

image of renovation apartment: 2nd floor

Escape Games Village. Too Easy?

The author of this game is a Japanese website which literally translated to English means 'Escape Games Village'. Japanese escape games are almost always good. The level of graphic details and sound effects in this one are perfect. The only drawback is the game is too easy. It won't take more than 10 minutes for a mid-experienced player to solve it.

image of renovation apartment: secret code in apples

How to play? Spoiler, Walkthrough

You probably won't need it, but I decided to include a walkthrough for this game below. As you can see, the game has been resolved in almost under 1 minutes (when you know exactly what to do of course). There are almost no hidden objects and all the clues are very easy to find. There are marks on the wooden stairs, electric cable under a pillow, a night light that unveils a secret code when turned on, a drawer full of apples reordered in a puzzling way. All that you can find with no problems. The goal is getting a key which is hidden inside the green box from the second floor.

Renovation Apartment Video Walkthrough

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