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Raspberries Room Escape

Raspberries Room Escape
This is Ainars game and he just made it for escapefan (who's just a sponsor).
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Raspberries Room Escape

Raspberries Room Escape game info

This is Ainars game and he just made it for escapefan (who's just a sponsor). The point about the game is to search for the raspberries, pick them all up and use them somehow to unlock the safe what should finally get you out of this weird room. The house looks nice and spacious, interesting futuristic chairs, and it seems there's a locomotive toy in almost every room. The game has a lots of hidden places. It seems that almost everywhere I look, there are new clues coming out of the boxes, behind the shelves and under the toys. Of course, the idea is to get those green doors opened, but that would be possible only if you open the safe first. The question is how. raspberries room escape screenshot 1 The game got pretty high marks on all major escape forums and escape game portals. I tend to track only the best games as moto is 'quality over quantity'. There are literally tens of escape games getting published each day and It's very hard to keep up the pace, so I decided to stick to what most of other players find cool (hense our site's name), at least for now. raspberries room escape screenshot 2 raspberries room escape screenshot 3

Raspberries Room Escape Walkthrough - "The Official Video"

The video walkthrough I've found on YouTube should lead you all the way to the exit. I must admit that I didn't actually test the whole video since YouTube already proclaimed it as the 'official' one. I've dug a bit and what I've figured out was that the video gets the 'official' label only if it gets enough hits in the first place, and that's basically the only condition. It is strange though that at this moment the video got just slightly over 300 hits and yet youtube decided to label it as the 'official' one. Anyway, just drop me a message if you have any problems with it, I'll simply update it with another video.

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