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Minimalist Room Escape

Minimalist Room Escape
In 'Minimalist Room Escape' you escape from really minimalistic house.
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Minimalist Room Escape

Minimalist Room Escape game info

In 'Minimalist Room Escape' you escape from really minimalistic house. There is only one room: bedroom and study in one. The game came out in the middle of 2013, but only for Android market. Today, thanks to the CoolEscapeGames portal, we have the chance to play this legendary 3D escape game in flash version as well as on PC and MAC browsers.

How to play, rules

Basically this is a classic house escape game with all the standard elements we are used to. Walking around the room and item selection is based on 'point and click' principle. On one or both sides of the screen straps for movement will show, and they allow you to look closer at certain parts of the room as well as to see the bigger picture. Strap at the bottom of the screen allows you to return into the starting position. Certain objects are collectible. If you click on those, they move to the inventory panel placed on the right side of the screen. There is also a magnifying glass in that inventory so, if you click on it and then on any item it will appear in the middle of the screen. Then if you click on another item at that point, a combining of items shall happen if one is possible or certain action will be performed. For example, there is hanger in this game. If you select the hanger with magnifying glass and then click on the scissors, the action of cutting the hanger will be performed and a new item - the hook, will appear.

What is the goal of the game and how to solve it?

The ultimate goal is to escape the house you've been locked in altogether. The only question is how? In short, the door is locked and you have to enter a certain code to open it. The code is the result of an equation system written on a paper. Paper is hidden in a secret red safe under the carpet in the room. The safe is locked with 5 padlocks, each differently colored. You have to find all the keys in a strict sequence and unlock the safe in specific sequence as well. The keys are hidden all over the house and they are not too easy to find, no matter how small the house is. If you need more detail it is best to take a look at textual walktrough, or even better, a video walktrough which shows even better how to solve this game. Textual walktrough is also incorporated in the game itself and there is a button in upper left corner for activation.


Bruno Pisani Lemos & CoolEscapeGames Release date: April 2014.

▼ ▼ ▼ Scroll down for spoiler & walkthrough ▼ ▼ ▼


Minimalist Room Escape: Living room Minimalist Room Escape: TV colors Minimalist Room Escape: red coloured safe box Minimalist Room Escape: Exit finally!

Text Walkthrough / Spoiler Warning !!!

    Pick up:
  • - white key
  • - drawer handle
  • - hanger
  • - green key
  • - red key
  • - piece of paper
  • - yellow key
  • - scissors
  • - blue key
  • cut the hanger using scissors to make hook
  • use the hook on the carpet to get to the safe
  • solve 'candle' puzzle: the sequence of colors to unlock the safe, do it accordingly to the picture hanging in to room, blue, green, white, yellow, red
  • solve the equation written on the paper

    25 = 2x + 17 80/x = 2y - z 16x/8 = y - 7 Solution: 2x = 8 => x = 4; 8 = y - 7 => y = 15; 20 = 30 - z => z = 10;

  • look at the book shelf, there you will find a sequence of the combination yxz, so 15, 4, 10
  • enter the code 15410, door opens, you go out free!!!!!

Video Walkthrough

This is step by step, click by click video walkthrough that will reviel how to find the secret code and escape the house in details...

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