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Killer Escape 3

Killer Escape 3
In previous two episodes of Psionic's Killer Escape you are trying to escape from one creepy place, which is obviously filled with psychopaths.
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Killer Escape 3

Killer Escape 3 game info

In previous two episodes of Psionic's Killer Escape you are trying to escape from one creepy place, which is obviously filled with psychopaths. You killed the first one in water heater explosion, and another one, called "Tooth Fairy" you managed to escape his 'dental death office'. Now, while trying to find your way out of this godforsaken place, you find yourself in a broken elevator, stuck and trying to think a way out of this hell. You are in Psionic's Killer Escape 3. Killer Escape 3: Jumpscares

Escape + Horror

For those who come for the first time in contact with this series, it is a point and click horror adventure. Basically, this is a classic house escape game, where player navigates from room to room, collects items, solves short logic puzzles, unlocks coded locks etc. The ultimate goal is to escape, but game is filled with numerous scary (jumpscares) moments, and that puts it in scary category too. In practical merging of two very popular themes, we are getting a very interesting series.


What regular point and click games usually don't have, and this one does are so called awards. The player is awarded for example for: solving the game in under 500 clicks, for solving the game in under 30 minutes and so on. Some awards are a bit more morbid, like "poke the brain more than 20 times". Some people don't have the stomach for this and that is why there is a obligatory warning at the beginning of the game, which says that game contains such elements.

Killer Escape 3: Still Want enter the darkness

What is it about

The game comes with the twist at the very beginning. Out of the darkness, the player comes into the zone which resembles the space station very much. You get access to very sensitive information about genetic mutants, human experiments involving aliens. Solution is given in a walktrough below.

About Author

Author of this game is 'Si' from Psionic Games. It's one man (he is 40 years old and comes from UK), and he did music, graphics, flash programming all by himself. The development of this game took him 5 months as he had said. Psionic Games are otherwise known for other point and click games, mostly horror genre like: Bein One (episodes 1 through 5), Ghostscape, Killer Escape 1 & 2, Urbex. As the author said, this is the last sequel of Killer Escape.


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