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Cool House Break In

Cool House Break In
To find out just how cool and if cool at all this house is, we will have to brake inside.
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Cool House Break In

Cool House Break In game info

To find out just how cool and if cool at all this house is, we will have to brake inside.

House break in versus escape

This type of games represents a subcategory of logic point and click games where we don't necessarily always try to escape the house, room, prison... Weather we escape, search for an exit or an entrance into a house, the main principle remains always the same. You must collect objects, connect them in a logical manner, attain new objects and solve logic puzzles along the way. Those puzzles involve colors and numbers which then hide codes.

Cool House Break In: by the pool

How cool this house is?

House, at least when looked at from outside, is pretty cool. It has it own pool with deck chairs, lawn, several parked cars, and we can't forget to mention the Yacht. Who ever owns all this, can do nothing with it because he had apparently lost his keys. Second scenario is that the house doesn't even belong to you, and that there were never any keys but that this is a classic brake in. But let's rule out that scenario completely. We just want to know what's inside and how do we get in.

Cool House Break In: the garage

How to play?

I would skip that part on how to play point and click games in general - we all already know that. Also, in version one, there won't be any textual spoilers. Video walktrough will be inserted in only one spot in the text, as a link, so whoever reads carefully... I will only mention several things here, randomly, just as hints. Who knows what can be found on the garage roof? But whatever is up there, you won't be able to reach it without a ladder. Cars should be also searched in detail, and who knows what lies at the bottom of the pool? Some things in this game reminded me of some old tricks we have tried out when we were kids - like how to read an invisible message, written in say, lemon juice?

Cool House Break In: the yacht

Those who manage to solve the game by themselves, please make a screenshot of the enterier as a proof and leave down below in comments any kind of photo sharing link.

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    scary_kid (236) - 2016-01-17, 23:36
    click, click , click ... click everywhere to finish this game :D without walktrough of course.
    I managed to solve it . I have a screenshot as a proof but I don't know where to paste it :D that's the only thing I didn't solve :D

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