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Escavlos Identity Escape

Escavlos Identity Escape
Your house is completely changed because of a ritual which is performed there and in that ritual one ancient object was used.
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Escavlos Identity Escape

Escavlos Identity Escape game info

Your house is completely changed because of a ritual which is performed there and in that ritual one ancient object was used. To restore the house back to its original state, you need to find the object and destroy it. The key to your success is to collect 3 Nisga'a masks. For each ancient object you find and place it in the right spot you get something from your helper James Allen.

This is one great point and click escape game from the author Escavlos. I personally like the fact the all objects are realistic and all you need to do is to follow a logical sequence of events to get to the solution. The surroundings are also very realistic, somewhat mystic and creepy.

How to play - Detailed Instructions - Text Walktrough

The game begins at the first floor. In half lit room there is a bed and a night stand beside it. Above, up on the ceiling is a locked entry to the attic. There is an old piano you can play. I assume that an exact melody must be played to trigger something to happen. Next to this room is a bathroom with clogged bath tub. Wooden staircase leads to the ground floor. Click on the entry door gives you the full display of the house from the outside. I have to admit that I was very much surprised when I walked outside of the house with just one click. In the kitchen we have a small bar with two chairs and that was the spot I have picked up my first object (a plunger). I return back to the first floor and apply the plunger on the clogged bathtub. At the bottom of it a 'black key' appears. It opens the entry to the attic. I found the table lamp there and picked up a mystical note saying 'One is sun, another storm, someone the eyes, moon and water'. This note is a solution to the riddle which involves a candle and five skulls. All you need to do is to follow the riddle and connect the skulls with the sun, thunder, eye, moon and river symbol. That is how you light up the candle and finish the ritual.

Then you go back downstairs and place the lamp beside the bed on the nightstand. At that moment someone is ringing at the door. You find notes at the door: letter and carta. The letter is signed with J - short for James, and it tells the strange story of and old antique up in the attic. That is how you find the screwdriver (SD) on the counter and the code which you will be needing later on: 2334371. Since J says that he is no musician, it becomes obvious that code has something to do with the piano. Once you have played the melody, an African Nisaga'a mask appears. Use the screwdriver to open the box and you find and ancient vase inside.

Ancient vase should be placed on the stand near the staircase on the ground floor. After that you go outside again, you take the box labeled 'fragile' and you open it using screwdriver. And that is the hard part. If we take that the order of screws is 1234 clockwise, then the solution to opening the box is: 3311221243. That is how you find the second mask and a crowbar. You will find another ancient vase up in the attic inside a barrel. When you place it on a stand besides the door, you get more help from James, who is giving you a shovel. Use shovel to dig up the third and last mask under the pile of sand on the right, in front of the house.

In the last phase of the game, you get up in the attic and place masks in the holes on the wooden stick. Magic starts to happen and stardust appears. Click on the stars and the game is over! Well Done!

Video Walkthrough


Escavlos Identity Escape: Attic

Escavlos Identity Escape: house from the outside

Escavlos Identity Escape: the ritual

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