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Escape The Harvest Festival

Escape The Harvest Festival
The boy was left all alone on the 245th Harvest Festival, and he needs help getting home.
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Escape The Harvest Festival

Escape The Harvest Festival game info

The boy was left all alone on the 245th Harvest Festival, and he needs help getting home. Everybody is gone and there is nobody left. There are several scenes in the game: we see farm, tractor, a nearby 'Super Shot' shooting range where you can shoot for 1$, 'apple bobbing', stable with one horse 'which likes apples', a pigpen with big bucket of water and field covered in crows which are pecking at pumpkins. The game has good vector graphics, pictures are clean and clear as well as objects. The game is not long, and if you know what are you doing you can finish it in under 2 minutes, but that is of course impossible without consulting a walktrough. Escape The Harvest Festival

Why Harvest Festival?

Harvest Festival is an unofficial British festivity which dates back to pagan times and customs. 'Harvest' in the festival name comes from 'Harvest Moon', which is the name for full moon nearest to the autumnal equinox. Each fall, in late september or begining of october, people gather and celebrate harvest moon, which is at that point big, orangey and resembles a pumpkin.

What is Escape the Harvest Festival all about?

This is the story about a boy who went with his grandfather on Harvest Festival. His grandfather warned him to stay close, because if he got lost, grandfather won't be looking for him but rather leave the boy on the farm. That is exactly what had happened. The boy fell asleep, and when he woke up, he realized that he was left all alone at the farm. Everybody else went home. So, he needs help, to somehow find a way out and go back home too.

Escape The Harvest Festival: Super Shot Escape The Harvest Festival: The Barn

Hints & Walkthrough / Solution / Spoiler / Escape the Harvest Festival Walkthrough

Under one of the leaves there is hidden wallet. Take it, open it and take one bill out. Use that money to buy a ball for 'super shot' range and knock down bunch of cans in the middle. The code which opens the red box are colours in which the word 'Fall' is written: purple, yellow, light blue and orange. That is how you get the carrot. When you find the apple, give it to the horse and that is how you come by a silver key. For further details on how to solve the game watch video Walktrough. In the end you need to get into the stable, pick up all eggs, put them in boxes on the shelf, pick up golden key. That is the key for the vehicle sitting in front of the stable. Use that key to start it up and you are on your way home! End game!


Flonga is only a game sponsor, while the real author is Selfdefiant aka Melting Mindz, which can be seen on the main screen of the game.

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