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Escape From The Strange Library

Escape From The Strange Library
For most of us the library is not the place where we feel especially good, but this one is one of the weirdest you have ever been in.
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Escape From The Strange Library

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Escape From The Strange Library game info

For most of us the library is not the place where we feel especially good, but this one is one of the weirdest you have ever been in. You need to escape and to do that you have to find the key, and not just one but 3 keys in total.

Here's a hint for starters. Go Left, Forward, Right, Forward, Forward, Left. You will see a box on the table. When you click twice on it, slider puzzle will appear. Once you've solved that you will get the second key. I say second, because that one will be placed into the second key slot shown at the bottom of the screen. Since the game is relatively simple we won't be revealing the rest. All we have to say is that among those shelves sits a hidden map, safe with a combination and other two keys. At the end you will get to the door which has three locks and each is opened with one of the keys. Since you have no clue where is what and the rooms are all so similar and navigation is lousy (on purpose), You will be probably going through one and the same room a million times over until you solve the game.

How to play

As in most of these games, on the left and right side of the screen there are arrows and when you click on them you move back and forth from room to room. To move forward you need to click the arrow which is placed on the floor.

Main characteristics

  • You move through the rooms in the public library
  • You have to solve 3 puzzles
  • There is a map
  • You need to find 3 keys


  • The game is simple and short and that makes it good for the beginners
  • You don't need a walktrough


  • All rooms are almost identical, they are hard to differentiate
  • The game is a bit monotonous and boring
  • It is not too challenging
  • It is too short

About Japanese escape games

Hottategoya means hut. It is a famous Japanese 'maker' of escape games and they have their profile on since the beginning of 2011. And until today they have 25 games published. Their games are mostly minimalistic, graphically absolutely not too complicated, and they always concentrate on one single location. And so we have escape from 'similar rooms', 'Forest', 'Concrete Maze', 'Room with Safes', 'Empty White Room', 'Building Without Windows' etc...

Japanese are traditionally known for good escape games. That is simply their genre. Very similar are Japanese horror games. Besides hottategoya, other known creators of Japanese escape games are robamimi and tomatea.

escape from the strange library escape from the strange library

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