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Escape From 26

Escape From 26
In this escape game, a birdcage with a small dollhouse in it - will in a few seconds become your new home.
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Escape From 26

Escape From 26 game info

In this escape game, a birdcage with a small dollhouse in it - will in a few seconds become your new home.

Next to the house there is a little garden and a shed. And then you realize that this cage is your entire world and that you have to escape from there as soon as possible. You play as Andy, a guy trapped in a dollhouse who is trying to escape. Big semicircle stairs lead to the first floor of the house. In that little room up there, you will find the first of 10 pieces of the clock mechanism. Although there are no instructions, nor you know what kind of a clock that is, this is a good sign that you might get away from this nightmare if you collect all 10 pieces. At the end of the game each of the pieces must be placed at one specific place (as shown in the picture). Once the clock starts working and time starts moving again, you can leave. Still the only way to leave is to fly out of there, just like a bird.

Conversation which Andy is having with a lady is completely chaotic and unclear. If Andy washes the laundry, lady will give him the keys to the cellar. Anyways, down there he will collect a matchbox and find one piece of the clock mechanism. All items you collect, you keep in an inventory box, shown at the bottom of the screen. The game was made to be point and click. To move Andy from one place to another you just click on the spot you want him to go to and he will slowly stroll there. Each time you move the mouse over an item you can interact with it glows.

So, your first job is to do the laundry. You go down, pick up the dirty laundry, fill the bucket with water and take it to the room with boiler in it. You fill the boiler with water, light up the fire using matches and use soap to wash the laundry. The game then continues and you get the instructions on how to dry the laundry. What happens next, you should see in the video walktrough.

BigLoop Studio

BigLoop is a small company which designs online and mobile games, starting from the sketches, then 2d and 3d designs to the finishing animations. Some of their projects which can be found on the internet are Beachville, Driver 66, Kamicat Football ... Escape From 26 is their first project, published in September 2013.


  • Zoom option would be useful because some of the details are so small that it is hard to see what are you clicking on.
  • Walking is to slow.
  • The story is not clear enough, the goal was not explained as well as what you need to do to escape. The ending is very confusing.


  • An original idea
  • Great graphics, level of details and animations
  • Great atmosphere


The game definitely has potential, but story needs to be improved. Good thing is that the story is somewhat weird and creepy, but the bad thing that it is not developed all the way trough. Graphics and animations are to be honest the only reason whay this game deserves any attention. That is why we give it 3/5 stars.

Escape From 26 Official Walkthrough


escape from 26 game escape from 26 game escape from 26 game

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    scary_kid (236) - 2016-01-15, 23:33
    it's a really nice escape game.
    five stars

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