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Cozy Courtyard Escape

Cozy Courtyard Escape
It is so cool when you have a house with cozy courtyard, but what if you are trapped in one just like that - how to find your way out?
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Cozy Courtyard Escape

Cozy Courtyard Escape game info

It is so cool when you have a house with cozy courtyard, but what if you are trapped in one just like that - how to find your way out? Cozy courtyard, when nicely made, can really be used as a safe haven and an escape place from harsh reality too. Perhaps that is where the inspiration for making of this game came from. Escape games usually have an inexhaustible source of ideas about al the places where you can escape from.

Short and Simple

This game took me by surprise. Since it is very popular on the internet, I thought I was looking at the whole day of trying to solve it. However, an experienced player can 'solve' it in about 10 minutes. That is exactly what happened. So, relatively short and simple escape game with standard rules.

cozy cortyard escape

How to play (spoiler alert!!!)

The goal is to find the gems scattered all around the garden, collect them and use them to open the safe which contains a key. Key is the ultimate item you need because it opens the last door before you are out. Of course all those gems are not just lying out in plain site. You still have to use your brains a bit. Here are a couple of hints, and then you can see the video below for additional help if needed. First pick up a water bucket. There is a fountain in the yard. There is tree near by and some colored numbers are on it, they show you how to arrange the gems later on. Pick up a flower, saw, gnome, shovel and start to collect gems: pink, blue (behind the frog), purple (in the ground - you need to dig it up), green (up on the branch of course). Golden key is inside the box which can be unlocked by using gems you have found before. The order of colors to unlock the box is determined by the height of yellow flowers (sunflowers and butterflies). Put the golden key into the keyhole of the white fence door and you are free to go.


After playing any game I always take a peek at the other players comments on other portals. Most agree that the game is way too short and too easy. The yard is not really cozy, as the title promises. There are only three screens and not too many things to click on. Items just lay around in plain sight, so they are not very hidden. If you use common sense you can finish the game in several minutes time. That is what took me.

About the Author

The name of the author is shown at the bottom of the main page - 'selfdefiant'. It's the guy who makes games for melting-mindz. He had made many scary games like Asylum Escape for example. He's got a lot of experience with escape games and he is working since 2006.

Cozy Cortyard Video Walkthrough


cozy cortyard escape cozy cortyard escape

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