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CoolEscapeGames on YouTube
Posted by: escape, 2014-06-13, 15:11 - 0 comments

I think this is a smart move. There's gonna be a lot walkthroughs and I think that having youtube channel dedicated to is a good thing, so here it is:

follow us & enjoy ;)
New Game: Minimalist Room Escape
Posted by: escape, 2014-04-07, 06:30 - 0 comments

Today 4/7/2014 CoolEscapeGames releases the first room escape game entitled

There is an android version available since the mid 2013, but this is the first free online Flash version.

There's a textual walkthrough and as well as video walkthrough here

Author of this game is Bruno Pisani Lemos.

Welcome To CoolEscapeGames
Posted by: escape, 2014-03-03, 14:59 - 0 comments

Welcome to CoolEscapeGames. We hope CEG will become your first stop for free online escape games.

Whether it's a house, a room, a cellar, cave, any kind of cage, a library or a secret medical facility where experiments on humans are being performed, your task is always the same. Find objects, link them logically and use them to get free, to run away, to escape. You are about to step into the magical world of dark secretes, mind-boggling puzzles, locked doors and secret codes, where your only hope and the only tool is your brain. 

CEG admin

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