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Welcome to Cool Escape Games (CEG) Online Games

Whether it's a house, a room, a cellar, cave, any kind of cage, a library or a secret medical facility where experiments on humans are being performed, your task is always the same. To find objects, link them logically and use them to get free, to run away, to escape. You are about to step into the magical world of dark secretes, mind-boggling puzzles, locked doors and secret codes, where your only hope and the only tool in breaking these surrounding walls is your own brain.

About us

Cool Escape Games is an online initiative with the goal of popularization of escape games, a hangout place for fans where they can exchange information and get instructions on how to resolve the most elaborate problems. In 2014 a website was started on where we orderly collect, sort and describe in details the last games of the most popular Japanese distributors and all the other talented indie developers as well.

You will have the chance to test your minds' wits and skills when it comes to solving logical tasks. We will show you the games from websites and developers specialized in this field: robamimi, yominokagura, kotorinosu, hottategoya,, (specialized in horror and scary escape).

For now we will focus only on browser games and as for the mobile versions for Android and iPhone, in the best case for starters you can expect a review here and there and some references of best editions for mobile platforms.

Cool Escape Games invites you to join a new gaming community hoping that we will together become #1 website for escape games.


Overall it is not that easy to categorize and strictly determine one category. Yet all our games can be tagged like this: ROOM ESCAPE, PRISON ESCAPE, SCARY ESCAPE, HOUSE ESCAPE, HAUNTED HOUSE ESCAPE and JAPANESE HOUSE ESCAPE. Most of these games come from Japan where the interest is the strongest.


These games are mostly point and click first person perspective games. The player clicks to move between the rooms and collects objects which are then put in the inventory. Then those objects need to be combined and thus used to solve some logic tasks (riddles/logic tests). Games often have a screen where some kind of puzzle needs to be solved, some kind of code entered, some geometrical shapes, colors, figures or numbers put together in a certain way. There is almost never a simple way out. The solutions are connected in cascades, one clue leads to another, second to the third one and so on. These kinds of games can get quite intellectually challenging and it is not rare that solving of one game can take the entire day or even several days in row. Many players get stuck and then usually communicate with other players and watch/read walktroughs. Today the instructions on most room escape games can be found on YouTube. It is interesting that people take even one step further and participate in real life escape games, so today we have rooms in Hong Kong, American 'SCARP' which organizes Escape From The Time Machine, or Escape From The Haunted Ship in LA. Many similar room exist across USA and Europe.

More Hard Games?

I guess you're here because you like mind-boggling games which unleash all the processing power of your brain. If you're after even more challenges, you can test your skills on The World's Hardest Game, which is definitely the hardest game in the world! Welcome to the smartest players club!

Looking for Superheros action escape games?

Than why don't you check out these :

Batman Saw Escape, Batman Night Escape and legendary The Joker Escape.

Still looking? On, there's a search button you can use to get a couple of batman escape games, such as the original Batman Saw Escape and the official version of The Joker's Escape.

Escape comments

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